About Us


Dark Cottage was created to be the bridge between gothic and fantasy fashion. Our clothing is made for the village witches and the cottagecore dreamers with a dark aesthetic. We believe clothing isn't meant to be saved for special occasions. Everything we make is designed to be worn every day and loved. 

We are a small fashion brand that designs gothic, witchy, fantasy, and elven inspired women's clothing, with a focus on comfort and functionality. Our clothing is fair trade and handmade by our manufacturers, independent artists, and crafters. We believe in supporting other small businesses. If you are a maker that is interested in selling on Dark Cottage, reach out to us at info@darkcottage.com. If you'd like to read more about our clothing production, check out our FAQ

Behind the Brand


Owner & Designer

I created this brand because while gothic is now a part of the mainstream, I felt something was still missing. I wanted to dress darkly, but I also wanted to be comfortable.⁠

I noticed it was really difficult to find gothic or fantasy clothing that was soft and easy to wear every day. And if I did find something, it never survived more than 2-3 washes - or it wasn't something I could afford. People desire clothing that makes them feel good about themselves, but what they need is clothing that does that AND functions.

I love fashion, it's a part of me. I take care of my things. But I don't have space in my closet (or in my life tbh) for things that don't function. Every single thing we sell at Dark Cottage, I have tried on, washed, tested, and worn over and over. I stand by the clothing we have because I designed them, improved them, and wear them everywhere I go. ⁠

I started my career in fashion at Verillas as a photographer in 2015. Over the years I gained the knowledge to be able to start Dark Cottage in 2020. I also like gaming and hanging with my 2 cats.




When one of my best friends told me she had a vision for something, I was excited. But I was over the top when we talked about making people feel included in dark fashion, about advancing alt style in a new direction, and about making it feel safe and fun for everyone.

I shook hands with a lot of great people I admired on the way to creating the fashion brand, Verillas. I took over Ayyawear and learned a lot about the world, and about how people are connected. It is so exciting to be able to support new projects alongside these brands and watch them grow. So it is my pleasure now to be able to offer support to Victoria’s vision and knock down the barriers to getting a brand launched with my friend. 

I love expressing myself through fashion, and I can’t wait to see all of you rocking Dark Cottage. I’ll be the first one to offer a respectful compliment in passing if you see me. Fashion takes up a lot of my spare time, but I’m a musician, a swordswoman, and an entrepreneur in many other fashion projects as well